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Rather spend time with your friends and family then stare at your auction bids on ebay for hours.


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Convenient way to place bids and snipe, no matter where you are. Download our free software and snipe with your iPhone, or web browser.

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"I have never purchased anything on eBay, especially through auctions. It looked so tricky and complicated to me. But when I joined  Bidalien I was really impressed how easy and quickly it could be. All it takes is just a few clicks and you can win any eBay auction. I would recommend it to all my friends!" 
Charlie Dean, Orlando.

"I appreciate simplicity and convenience in everything. Therefore, I choose Bidalien as my personal eBay sniper. By having Bidalien APP on my iPhone, I can buy whatever I want whenever I want. It can’t get easier than this. Moreover, by paying for only winning bids I don't pour my money down the drain. I love it!" 
Mike Adams, New York.


Why Use Bidalien

By choosing Bidalien you make yourself a winner in eBay auction wars. We provide our clients with a range of benefits making their participation in electronic auction inexpensive, comfortable and enjoyable.

Bidalien Benefits

  1. No download required.
    You don’t have to install any additional auction sniper software or plugins on your computer to start using Bidalien service.
  2. Free trial period.
    Absolutely free and unlimited snipping up to 14 days.
  3. Friendly interface.
    We bet you will really love our design and highly evaluated set of instruments and tools provided by Bidalien. It allows snipping to be easier and faster as never before. You will be thrilled how user interface can be so user friendly and easy on the eyes.
  4. Redundant servers.
    To ensure maximum reliability, maximum stability and high performance of our electronic sniper we designed it to be running on several powerful servers which snipe simultaneously to protect delivery of your bidding from any occasional internet lags and guarantee your bidding is the latest before auction ends among all the other electronic and human auction players.
  5. Safe and secure.
    We use SSL encryption to make data transmission between Bidalien and eBay safe and secure. We ensure safety of your eBay account information and protect transactions of your eBay activity during auction sniping from being intercepted by a third party.
  6. Place your bids automatically.
    Our electronic snipping is totally automatic so once you have placed a bid your computer doesn’t have to be on. You don’t need to keep it running to ensure your bid is placed on time.
  7. Notification system
    our timely email notifications always keep you informed what’s going on with your bids.

Bidalien Features

  1. EBay Watch List.
    You have an option to browse your eBay watch list on Bidalien without leaving the website or moving to It saves your time from pointless double searching and boring copy and paste of the eBay item number. You simply browse your eBay watch list on the Bidalien and press “Snipe” button near desired item. It’s so easy and takes just a few seconds to make a bid.
  2. Snipe with us from iPhone.
    Using our totally free application for iPhone you get the same benefits and features that you have with the Bidalien web version including payment, “My Snipes” list maintenance and group bidding. Moreover, to browse an eBay catalog and search eBay items you don’t need to have an eBay application for iPhone. You can do it simply by staying on Bidalien application and it automatically redirects you to Safari page.
  3. Suggested price.
    You don’t need any additional research or internet browsing anymore to find out the price of the item you’d like to buy. No more worrying and overthinking about the maximum bid you want spend on an eBay lot. We are happy to help you with this and would like to suggest you our new unique feature which you’ve never seen before with any other sniping service. We are talking about “suggested price” that allows us to predict the price of all eBay auction items. We make forecasting of auction closing prices based on our self-designed complicated formulas and historical data analysis.
  4. Evade bidding wars.
    We place you bid as closer to the auction finish as possible so you can always be the first with your bidding.
  5. Select your own playing strategy.
    With Bidalien you have an opportunity to choose the time interval (called leading time) before auction closes. For instance, you can place a bid at any time interval before the auction closes, even if it’s within 10-15 seconds of the actions finale. We offer a range of leading times so you can place your bid whenever you want.
  6. Group bidding.
    It enables you to place your bids for a group of items from different sellers. For example, you’ve been meaning to get a phone for that special someone, and you’re willing to spend $50 on it. You can create a group for that product, from let’s say 7 different sellers, and place a bid on it. If you get that phone from one of those 7 sellers, 6 others bids are automatically canceled. This function really increases your chances to get your desired item for the price that you’re prepared to pay for it.