To continue using BidAlien after your free trial you can buy "snipes". Sipes will last untill used for unlimited amount of time. Normally you will spend one snipe per auction.

Another option to use BidAlient involves buying subscription for a set amount of time. It will let you snipe as much as you want during that time. All unused snipes that you have when buying subscription will be used only after subscription expires.

Buy snipes

Ten snipes

10 shots on Bidalien


Twenty-five snipes

25 shots on Bidalien


Fifty snipes

50 shots on Bidalien


One hundred snipes

100 shots on Bidalien


Buy subscription

One month

Unlimited shooting on Bidalien for 1 month


Three month

Unlimited shooting on Bidalien for 3 month


Six month

Unlimited shooting on Bidalien for 6 month


One year

Unlimited shooting on Bidalien for one year


Terms and conditions:

Snipes is a virtual currency on Bidalien that allow you to snipe eBay auctions. Please read Terms and Conditions.

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