How does it work?

All is simple - you specify eBay id of an item you wish to buy, bid amount and our sniper places your bid seconds before the auction end.

What is lead time?

Lead time is number of seconds before auction end - that is when your bid will be placed.

Auction timing limitations

BidAlien will refuse to set a bid if its bidtime is closer than 5 minutes to other your bid. Also it won't accept bid if it is less than 5 minutes left till the auction end. Yes, aliens are strange.

What is group bidding?

Group bidding allows you to increase your chances to buy on eBay. You add items to the group and than specify maximal number of items you wish to buy. After winning that number of bids rest of bids in group will be cancelled (e.g. you found three similar netbooks on eBay, you want just one, but take your chances on all three auctions. So with help of group bidding if you lose on first and win on the second, the third will not be placed). Handy, eh?

What is Suggested Price?

We invented algorithm that can help you to choose optimal bid amount and increase your chances to win.


Yep, that's your eBay Watchlist (BuyItNow items filtered out).


Snipe it down!

  • Register on BIDALIEN
  • Setup system & Pick an auction
  • Snipe it and win